Relay for my elderly mother-in-law


My mother-in-law does not have a cell phone. She lives next to us by herself. She has a caller responder button she wears at home and if she has any issues someone will call us so we can check on her. She still drives and that is why I was looking into Relay. She could let us know if she needs help and we would know where she is located at. I’ve just started checking to see what benefits Relay has.


The key here @annettep.a1t6mk is that you’re not looking for the Relay to replace a cell phone for your mother-in-law. As such, I think you’ll find Relay a viable solution to sit along side the caller responder button. Relay has GPS tracking and from the Companion App you’d be able to locate the device (assumptions being it has power, on her person, etc.).

The push-button operation on the Relay is very straight-forward and would be a quick learn.

Thanks for doing your research on Relay. Please let us know if we can help along the way!


Thank you for the information. I think this would be great for her when she has to go to town. We don’t live in town. We live 20 - 30 miles from town, depending on where you have to go. I will discuss this with my husband and let him know what I have found out. Thank you again for your input. I love Republic Wireless.


Thank you for your kind words @annettep.a1t6mk and your trust in Republic Wireless. We truly appreciate that.

Just to give you some additional information on the Relay in case you didn’t see it. Here is a link to a recent 3rd party review of Relay from PC Mag:

Thought it may be useful as you continue to do your due diligence.