Relay Questions Answered


Relay is a unique device that raises a lot of questions. How long is the Relay battery life? Does the Relay have a vibrate mode? Can the Relay work on WiFi?

To make getting answers easier, I wanted to put all of your questions in one easy-to-find place.

How long is the Relay battery life?
Relay has a unique battery that was designed specifically to the shape and size of Relay. This battery typically lasts for 2-days before it needs recharging.

How does the Relay charge?
The Relay uses magnetic charging to fire up its battery. We purposely avoided using a charging port to make Relay more durable - without a port, the chance of water, dirt, or sand damage to the charging port is eliminated.

How durable is the Relay?
With splash guards and the lack of a charging port (mentioned above), the Relay is designed to be play-proof. An accidental drop on the sidewalk or walk through the rain shouldn’t hurt it.

Does Relay have a vibrate mode and a silent mode?
Relay does vibrate to alert you of incoming messages, however, Relay does not have a silent mode. This is a feature we hope to have in a future software update.

Will Relay tell me if I am in an area with no coverage?
Relay has an LED display as well as a voice indicator that will notify a user if he or she is out of range. The companion app will also indicate when/if the Relay is not in a coverage area.

Can Relay connect to WiFi?
Yes, Relay can connect to WiFi through the companion app.

Can I leave messages on a Relay?
Not currently. This is something we would like to have in the future but is not a feature we have available at the moment. This is an important use case and we are working on making this feature available in the future.

Will I be able to access Google Assistant from my Relay?
Our engineers are working on adding a Google assistant channel for Relay. Many of the channels are still in development, and that is one of them. Since Relay is a push to talk device, you would be holding down the talk button while addressing the Google Assistant.

How does the GPS tracking capability work with Relay?
The GPS tracking capability will work essentially the same as a phone’s GPS with the same accuracy and similar overall experience.

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App Necessity and Compatibility Questions

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I posted this under blog talk, but it may be better here.


Yes, I completely relate to the usefulness of taking Relays to amusement parks. I agree that a watch-like wristband might be too big for many children’s wrists. I hadn’t thought about using the magnet as a means of carrying it, but that’s a neat idea. I hope that, as people use Relay, there will be more discussion around helpful ways to keep up with it. As you think of them, please continue to share!


When will the Relay be available? My husband and I are signed up. I have been waiting since I heard about it in December. I am hoping to get them for my kids before summer.


We don’t have a public release date to share quite yet, but are working hard to get there. We are excited for you and your family to get your hands on some Relays! Here in The Neighborhood you will definitely hear of the latest updates and news for all things Relay, so feel free to ask us any questions you have :relaxed:


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If I have one device for my kids, one for myself (or just my phone), and one for the grandparents, will I be able to contact kids separately from the grandparents? or is it a broadcast type message that goes out to everybody?

Conversely will the kids be able to choose between talking with Mom and Dad, or the Grandparents?

What about a situation where the grandparents purchase one for all the grand kids (from different families)… I’m amusing there is a way to contact different Relay devices that may or may not all be under the same account (ie. our house, cousin’s house, friend’s house, Grandma’s house). Excited to try these out.


Those are great questions. The features you asked about will not be available right at the time of launch. However, this is something our engineering team is actively working hard on to release in future software updates.

This use-case is one I think many people want and would be very helpful for when kids want a friend channel, parent channel, grandparent channel, etc.


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How would the system work if I buy only one relay for my kid? Or is it necessary to buy two?
Will I be able to communicate with the relay through my current Republic phone, or is it a totally separate system?


Great question! You will only need to buy one Relay. You’ll be able to communicate on your phone through the Relay companion app :relaxed:


That’s great. I have 4 kids, so I’ll need a deal on 4!
On a separate note, can you design an app that makes my phone work like a relay? ie. blank screen that secretly toggles back and forth to regular function? Then when my kids say “dad can I borrow your phone”…


We are currently in the process of finalizing how the app functions and will definitely be releasing more information on that soon! That’s great feedback for us to use in the creation stage.


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If you don’t activate all the ones you buy, would they still work on WiFi or do you have to activate them before they work?