Relay wifi and no internet



Relay was connected to WiFi that had no internet access because the ISP was having issues. Relay claimed to have no connection to server. Relay should figure it out that WiFi had no internet and use cell signal instead of having no connection.

This seems like a safety issue if a child needed to call at that time.


I agree completely. This is feedback that has been given before on the issue of slow transitions from Wifi to Cellular. I’ve solved it simply by not connecting my Relay to wifi.


This is a different issue than the transition issue. Here let’s say the Relay unit has 100% WIFI signal but there is no internet offered on the line, the unit would need functionality to detect this and then automatically switch over to 4G. I know my phone can do it but can the Relay do it?

I also negate this issue by running 100% on 4G and not using WIFI due to the transition issue.


I don’t think it is a different issue… At least not in my case…

This problem: Relay is on wifi that has no internet and doesn’t switch to cellular.

Slow handoff: Relay has moved to the edge of the range of a working wifi and therefore no longer has a working wifi data connection, but doesn’t switch to cellular.

Different scenarios, but in my mind the same cause, the Relay failing to notice that the wifi connection is no longer (or never was) providing the needed data connection.


Issue with comparing the two is that you can lagitamately sit at a low wifi strength and still have internet connection, though the throughput would be slower than a stronger signal. Issue i have had is that the relay unit is obviously isn’t sitting on the fringe of the network with low signal, it was bouncing in and out of it so I went to full 4G.

I am going to have to disagree that saying that having good wifi signal but not having internet service is the same as above but I do agree that the Relay should have logic to to switch to cell once it can’t connect to the relay server when on wifi regardless of the issue.


I wholeheartedly agree to disagree! :wink:


We had to forget The WiFi network and go solo on the cell. They know there’s an issue, even though the fast handover was supposed to fix this, the issue remains. They are still working on it.


Do you all have tickets open for the issue? Chris would like to look into all this, and regardless of whether internet was offered to the customer at the moment or not, it seems like the same type of issues. And I too have turned off the WiFi in the app.