Relay's Latest App Update (1.14)- Share your thoughts!


As some of you noticed, we pushed a new app update yesterday unveiling the following features:

  • New app design
  • SOS emergency notification
  • Missed message playback

As you get used to these updates and have feedback or questions, share them here!

We also added a neat audio assistant feature! You can hold down the volume button, say the name of the channel you’d like to switch to, and the Relay will automatically jump to that channel.

Try this out: Hold down the volume button and say “weather”.

One-to-one communication without separate channels
Delayed Message Playback or Message Repeat Feature
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I only used the old version of the iOS app for one day (activated my units yesterday) and woke up to a new app. I DO NOT like that when I click on the individual Relay icons on my phone it tells me “talking to xxxxx”. I just wanted to play with the setting.

Maybe take the setting part out so we can change setting outside of the chat screen?

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We are loving the new features. We put them to the test at home this morning with scenarios relating to school pickup. For example, to leave a message on one saying I’m using the drive through pickup line instead of walking to the classroom. The green light flashed on and off for less than 30 min; I assume this relates to saving the battery. My kids backpacks stay outside on hooks so it means we’d have to get them in a routine of either, pressing the talk button when they get their backpack together to see if it flashes green again or if they press the power button it will tell them which person left a message and automatically play it. The other downside is before they go to school I will need to make sure they are on any other channel but mine, because if they stay on my channel from the previous day then it won’t be left as a message. For me these are minor things and adjustments we can make with no problem, just sharing for other families.

I did discover this morning since my Android is running 7.0 and not a new version the SOS sound is not the SOS beeping like the video on the blog shows. I already talked to the help team, again just letting other families know your notifications for an SOS will be the same as your standard Relay notifications even in and SOS alert. It will give a text view that there is an SOS and it sends and email which is nice since I’m alerted in more than one way to get my attention.


The green light should be flashing every few minutes, and then the flashing tapers off eventually to every 10-ish minutes, but it should persist as long as a message is waiting.

It sounds like maybe having the Relays off during school is the best solution to both of these. If they have it off during the day, you can still leave a message. Once schools out, if they power on their Relays, they’ll be alerted quickly.


You can turn that off in the settings of your app. Under “General Settings -> Audio Settings -> Announce Channel Changes”


Thanks! I found it.

It would still seem better if the settings for individual units is with the settings/gear part. We are still getting used to these things