Relays transferable between accounts?


I’m planning on getting a multi pack and I’m sure that as soon as my kids start using these my sister is going to want to take one of mine. When I order a Relay is it linked to my account or can it be transferred between accounts?


I’m also interested in this subject.


We’ve created a Help Center article with more details about this as well: Do the Relays I Order Have to Be Used on My Account? – RelayGo

Your Relay order is not linked to your account, so they can be “gifted” to anyone you choose. As long as you don’t activate the device, it’s not tied to any specific account.

Do you think she’d try and get her hands on one you’ve activated?


Can a relay device which has been activated be deactivated and activated on another account?


Yes I’d be looking to deactivate and gift a device to my sister.


@timwood At launch, it will not be possible to re-activate a Relay that has been deactivated. However, this is something we hope to add in the near future!


Factory Data Reset is used to reset the Relay to its factory state to clear unexpected software issues. Note, this will not allow it to move to another account. It must be (re)activated on the originally activated account to be available for use. How to Factory Reset Relay – RelayGo

Locked out of the gate is not a good start.



I agree that’s kind of disappointing. I was going to order a 3 pack so that everyone in the family could have one and I could pass one or two off to the extended family. Instead I just ordered 2 and I’m holding off on recommending them to the extended family because I want to make sure they aren’t stuck with devices that they can’t sell.


Interesting. You’re offering a 90-day return window to purchasers. I can’t believe you’ll simply be discarding returned units, so there certainly must be a way to re-activate them on a different account if you expect to resell the returned units as b-stock. Which means the no transferring to a different account thing is a policy – not a legitimate technical restriction. Why is this?


We have no way to do it remotely, yet. We are working on it and it is high on our priority list.


Am I the only one getting a feeling of deja-vu here? :thinking:


I have 2 phones on RW but on same acc. So will one of the Relay work on both phones or will I have to put one on each phone? and will this work on sprint an tmo?


As I understand it, any Relay can communicate with any phone, on any carrier - you just download the Relay app to the phone you want to use, then log into your Relay account and select the device(s) you wish to pair it with.

[edit] As to the second half of your question, if you mean which carrier serves as the data provider for the Relay devices, that would be Sprint. I don’t know if they roam on Verizon if out of Sprint coverage (@SeanR?). But you can use any carrier’s phone to configure and communicate with Relay.


Well in that case one phone can be used a the main control for the the 2 relays if u install the apps. Or do you need the relay app on each phone?


One phone can connect with multiple Relay devices.


OK . well sounds like a winner. Yes I jumped on this an ordered a 2 pack Still miss the old nextel Iden sys with its
push to talk


LOL… part of me half-wondered if they were going to be using that infrastructure, but I’m pretty sure the remains of the Nextel system was taken down some years ago. But PTT is a great mode for many situations - nice to see it being used, even if they seem to be overly narrow in their marketing. If they’d widen the net a bit it might could catch on with more than the families-with-kids they’re all-but-exclusively targeting to at the moment.


Yes the old nextel sys was ripped out about 15-16 years ago I remember cause my phone died an sprint did not tell any one in the area. So this is why I got RW product to use as a push to talk sys . I am going to give it a hard test as far as range an sys. reception goes We will see how it goes. I am like you That
it has a lot of possibilty for some great things