Release Date Verbiage


Hi there!

We have been following Relay since early December and are really excited for it to come out. I wonder if it might be beneficial to your cause to change (or remove) the wording on the Relay website that says “coming in early 2018”, since we are already past that. There are several people who are showing frustration on your social media page and in the forums that could be mitigated by making this simple change.

Also, we have plans for our kids this July that are dependent upon them having a device similar to Relay. It would be nice to know if we should be looking into something different.


Thanks @joelandtessi! We’ll pass this feedback along to our team working on the site. Although we still do not have an official release date to share, know that we are working hard to release Relay in Q2 of this year. We know there is a lot of excitement around this product and can’t wait to hear how it works for you and your family!

Getting Relay ready for play: From the lab to the playground

Hey @joelandtessi, thanks for considering Relay for your family’s summer plans.

The team is getting very close, but still a few more milestones to hit before Relay is ready to launch. Given your time dependency @Andi_B and @swall recommended you for some early testing of the Relay device. Unfortunately, we couldn’t get all the dots of the testing program to line up to offer you access to a Relay early. We tried.

I thought I’d share some of this behind the scene stuff to let you know Relay is really close. Hope you’ll hang in there a bit longer.

Thanks for joining The Neighborhood!


Thank you for the information. We would like to be part of the beta testing if possible. We signed up back in December and have quite a few kid testers eager to test, so hopefully that and our early interest are taken into consideration. :slight_smile:


Hi there! I was so excited to find the relay - I have been looking for a way to send my boy off with a longer distance walkie talkie so this is perfect. I gather that you don’t have a release date, but I am wondering if there will be a limited number when you do release? Looking forward to hearing back!


Glad to hear you’re excited for Relay, @catherineg.aysdq5! We will have a limited number at release (though an infinite amount of Relays would be nice :slight_smile: ). However, we’ve taken steps to account for the volume of devices based on interest thus far. We’ll be eager to hear what you think once you get your hands on them!


I am ready . I believe it will be a great help for my wife who is handicapped an my self. we are senior citizens. I wish we could beta test relay for a while .
Compared to all the different alert sys that are out there this sounds like the best one .


Just wondering if you could consider us for testing it. I have 3 school aged children, so between their activities, outdoor play, schools in metro area and working 2 jobs, communication is vital. But like so many parents I value the screenless design. We have tried cell phones, but there’s too much access on them. We have tried Angelsense, but it lacks the efficiency that i believe a product of its nature needs, and at higher cost with lower functioning.
I’m really hoping that Relay will be available to us before June. Whether as a trial or the real thing…I’d buy 4 of them for starters, possibly more for family. But I’m also well seasoned in BEING a great product/company rep for things I’m passionate about!
Thanks for your consideration on this and the great product!


We’ve already started BETA testing (based on specific criteria), so unfortunately we wouldn’t be able to add you at this point. But Relay’s release will be soon and we hope that it will help with all of the situations you’ve mentioned. An we especially hope it will become a product you’ll be passionate about! In the meantime, please keep sharing and exchanging ideas & questions with your neighbors here- it sounds like you’ve got a lot of great insights!


Hi @joelandtessi

I remember reading this weeks ago, it appears to still say “early” 2018, which is, still technically accurate. Lol.

I am guessing they are testing, and testing, and testing their testing. I think they will err on the side of caution everytime, considering the nature of the product itself.

That said, I’m excited about the release and I don’t even plan on buying one, at least in the near-future.

I’m hoping they are getting close, or getting ready to expand the Beta.


Any word on the date, I guess we could say ‘early 2018’ is nearly over, this being May already! Hoping to see it marketed really soon…but will they be able to keep production up to meet the demand?


We’re working really hard to get Relay out ASAP. We’ve also done a lot of behind the scenes number-crunching to avoid any supply mishaps. As always, we’ll be sure to keep you posted here in the Neighborhood ans make sure you are as in-the-know as possible. Hang in there :slight_smile: Relay is on the way!