Satellite Imagery on Location Maps

Add the ability to show satellite imagery in the location map. While the default map is just fine most of the time, there are times where the satellite imagery would be superior. For instance, in my neighborhood, the Google maps do not show the house outlines, so it’s a bit of a guess for which house they are in. Also, if the Relay gets dropped out in a field or a big park, the location might be shown in the middle of a big gray patch in the map. The satellite view would give might give the ability to see “oh, it’s by a group of trees” and make location much easier.

Did you know that when you look at the location history of a Relay, there is an icon to open the location in Google Maps? That should give you what you are looking for.

Also, understand that when used inside the location is mostly using cellular and other methods to get locations since visibility to satellites in space is hampered. So pinpoint accuracy may not be reliable to know which house someone is in if they are bunched together.

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I’m glad you asked that question! I was looking for a way to access satellite views in the app, and now I know! :slight_smile: