School pickup: the Ultimate Relay Test


So I just picked up my kid from school. The school is in our downtown area, so parking and pickup is a nightmare, as there isn’t a proper parking lot. In an attempt to streamline the process, they divide kids into “walkers, k-3rd riders, 4-6th riders, daycare, etc…” Needless to say, it was complete chaos! My kid, of course, was in the wrong group.

As we were both lost in the masses, the Relay helped tremendously in finding each other. We were able to bypass the crowds, avoid going to the office, and all of the other middle men it would have taken to make sure we were reunited. All he had to do was hand his Relay to the “gatekeeper” who otherwise wasn’t allowing him to leave the designated (but wrong) area.

This product is still going through some obvious growing pains (the Relay is turned off during class, because the battery drains pretty quickly) but ultimately, I am standing by it. I’ve already had a lot of people ask about it today!


Thanks for sharing this @KMC. We hope to get that battery drain issue resolved soon, but we’re glad to hear Relay led to a successful carpool-pickup :slight_smile: . Now…for a more serious question: is “gatekeeper” a self-appointed title for this person? Seems like a very serious (albeit Ghostbusters-esque) role…:thinking: