Secure Clip/Clip Case

My 6yo loves his new Relay BUT his pants and shorts either have too small/not secure pockets or no pockets at all. The main reason we got the Relay was so he could take it with him when he goes out to play in the neighborhood. The lanyard is ok but gets in the way of his rambunctious play, the carabiner isn’t secure unless he has shorts on with a belt loop… I’d love to see some sort of low profile clip accessory so that he could clip his Relay securely to his waistband, inside a pocket or even his shirt collar.

Yes!!! It’s long on my boys too! I had to get onto my oldest about taking it off (but Mom! I can’t run with it on!) And just setting it wherever.

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I think if the clip is something that you truly need then these would be a great option at $13.66 for two. I’m not sure how well they will fit with the Relay’s curvature though.

As for an official clip/case, may I suggest it being like the old pager kind of slide in belt clip so the clip stays on the belt/pants and the relay slide on and off face in or face out. Yes I’m that old.

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Yesss I was just about to suggest this type like the old pager styles or the Nextel clip case which was similar LOL …PERFECT for the active young boys/kids!

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They have similar universal swivel clips or magnetic clips on Amazon as well I’m thinking about trying

I’ve looked at the Amazon offerings… Most of them look so long! Love the idea of a pager style clip that slides in and out though - that would be perfect!

We have one of these and it works well, but a clip would be so much less of a hassle.

It’s not the desired clip, however, there is a new arm band case: Relay

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