See all parties on the GPS map

I’d like to see the people who have the app that are connected to the relay appear on the GPS map when you are locating the relay. It would be nice to see just how close I am to the relay holder when I am looking for them on the map.

So are you saying that you want to be able to see the location of a relay app users when they are looking at the app? When they are looking at the relay device location? Or all the time?

If I am looking at the map to see the location of the relay device I want the location of the app users to show up too. That was I can tell how close I am to the device in real time.

I agree - I’d like to see this as well. I want to see where I am in relation to the Relay device and seeing other phones/Relays on the account would be fantastic as well - like a family locator.

I could see the benefit of seeing where you are on the map compared to the Relay devices, kinda like how Google maps shows where you are at.

Issue, and the reason for my initial follow up inquiry is that if this was to be implemented to be shown on the map the app users will more than likely need to have the app open to show up on the map. I dont see how the relay system would be pulling location 100% of the time to show it on the map for other app users.

my main concern about this is that GPS uses quite of battery. How often do they update location? Is the phone app requesting the relay unit to update location when you want to locate it or is the unit just updating when the “kid” pushes the button?