Seeing inconsistent battery life along with inconsistent cell signal


We let three of the relays turn off due to dead batteries.

We then let them do a full charge.

After being off the charger for 12 hours.

Relay 1 69%

Relay 2 69%

Relay 3 19%

Literally no usage difference between the 3 relays. Wondering what other people are seeing in regards to battery usage.


Keep in mind most of the relays are on the CDMA network, and if they do not have good coverage then they will use up more battery while searching for a signal. So my question is were all three of your relay sitting in the exact same spot the entire day? Environment matters.


For the most part yes.

Will give it more time, but relay 3 appears to be not quite as good as the other two.

I can have all three side by side and see the following per the app.

Relay 1 good cell service
Relay 2 fair cell service
Relay 3 poor cell service


Could the poorer performing one be the one that was dropped? Anyone dropped one yet?

Maybe the cellular antenna was affected?


Nope that one has been the best performing one

Relay 3 is Mom & Dad’s so that one is “babied” more then the other two.


Ok, please open a ticket so our team can take a look.

I am going to move this to the #solve:problems since it is more of a problem that you are experiencing than a discussion.


I also doubt it is a battery life issue but a signal/antenna issue making the battery drain. Battery is most likely a symptom.



The most helpful thing you can do is use your Relay app to open a support ticket and select the Relay that is draining excessively. This will upload logs and allow us to dig in a figure out if there is a software bug impacting your Relay. Thanks for bringing this up!


Submitted the ticket!


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I’m having same problem, lousy battery life.


Seems to come and go. I can have three in the same location and one will drain way quicker. It seems to be related to cellular signal.

It is not the same one all the time which is the weird part.


I have also been noticing that battery has seemed to be draining quite quickly lately. My daughter took our two off the charger last night and they did not last 12 hours and that was without use, they were just sitting there over night. Quality of cell signal was showing as fair. I can remember right after getting the units that they would last a few days before dying on one charge.


I am having similar issues. The most frustrating is that the relays DIE without any use and in the middle of the day. Early in the day! I’m thinking about sending them back.


I would give the team a chance to address your issues. You can open a ticket with them from the Relay app on your phone so that they will get data about your Relays and can look further in to this with you.


I would agree with @louisdi, you need to open a ticket so the Relay team can look into why they battery is dying so fast. There are many things that can contribute that they may be able to correct easily.