Sending channel alert + message should be 1 step and configurable



Bought a relay and after spending 1 hour with it and going through forums, I was able to figure out the closest option to what I bought this device for, i.e. how can my kid send me a message and I get notification AND message on my phone RELIABLY.

It involves 2 steps:

Step 1 - Press volume button for 2 seconds or more. This triggers alert on my phone.
Step 2 - Press and hold talk button while sending a message.

Step 2 will only work if I get online on the app, otherwise my kid will receive message “nobody is online” when he is trying to send message.

This experience of requiring 2 steps to send an alert and not “alert + message” should be simplified to just 1 step, i.e. press talk button and speak. This should send alert and message both to my phone whether it is locked or not. App on the phone has storage and can store the message so I am wondering why these 2 step approach was considered.

If there is need for 2 step process, please make this configurable, users can decide what kind of interface they want, i.e. 1 step or 2 steps.

Of course if there is an option to make it configurable today, please let me know. I just want to reduce the effort required and increase trust for my kid to send me a message when needed without worrying about whether I am online or not. I am a newbie, so if there is a feature like this please let me know, so far after scanning forums / documentation, I have not found anything.


Hi there and welcome!

Thank you for adding the process you’ve been using- if it’s of any help, we just published some Relay videos for getting acclimated. One of them speaks to exactly what you’re posting about: notifications:

Is what you’re seeing similar to the destinations in this video? It sounds like maybe you’re using both alerts to cover your bases?


Hi Andi

Thanks for your response and the video. After watching the video I am referring to “channel alert” if that is the correct term. I was under the assumption, if I am not using the app and the kid wants to reach out, he can simply start talking and send message (1 step) and I receive channel alert on my phone and when I open the app, I can hear the message; however this functionality does not exist (or I am not aware of it).


You are correct that recorded messages it is currently not available, though they said during the live Facebook session that the recorded messages channel is in the works.

I understand how there may be frustration when thinking of the two options you provided but on the other hand for those that have more than one Relay device I do not need more notifications when the two devices are talking to each other. There has been plenty of conversation around the frequency of notifications for multi device users so I will spare you that. I fully understand that there is a use case difference between a single device user and a multi device user. I feel they have setup the buttons to support as many customers as possible.


Right, if this option of notifications is configurable, it would serve both user types those who have a single device and those who have multiple.


I would like to note that my 9 year old has a hard time pressing the volume button. It is tiny and requires a fair amount of pressure to hold for 2 seconds. You should probably make it bigger on newer models


I have the same issue. So far, I am only using relay’s gps capabilities. :frowning: And as I suspected earlier, my kid has hard time pressing volume button and keeping it pressed for me to get a notification. I expect this device is designed for kids? Unless there is a feature coming, which allows him to send a message using the talk button only (irrespective of whether I am using app or not), I will most probably cancel this service which is disappointing.


The act of pushing the talk button does send out a message. It should every time, we do try not to spam you so we only send one alert within a minute, but it should already send a message.


Thanks for clarifying. You are right, I do see hear the message “nobody is online” because app is not yet open on my phone. I guess now I only need to wait for delayed message playback and it should work for both my kid and me. Delayed Message Playback or Message Repeat Feature