Share Your Thanksgiving Food Traditions


With the Thanksgiving holiday approaching, it’s a good time to prepare for unplugging and going screen-free for some quality family time. An easy way to get the family involved is gathering in the kitchen and whipping up (or just consuming) some food- safely around the hot appliances, of course!

What are some recipes you and your family have a tradition of making? Share a photo or recipe!

I’ll start with my family’s favorite holiday salad- born out of an Ohio tradition:


They don’t sell the designated dressing where I live now, so we have to improvise and make our own, typically.


We’re not a turkey family. For thanksgiving we’ll have ribs, adult mac 'n cheese, mashed potatoes, green beans, and what generally might be considered summer food. The ribs marinate for a day, smoke for a day and then are finished on the grill on Thanksgiving day. Yumm.


Happy Thanksgiving @louisdi! I like the sounds of your family’s meal. My family doesn’t typically do the whole bird-production either; last year I even attempted to make pasta from scratch.

I have to ask though…

We talkin’ beer in that cheese?


Nope, shaved truffles.