Shipping dates?


Hiya, I have here on my calendar that the Relay will arrive here anywhere from June 11th to 26th. Anyway, we are super excited for when it arrives. Is there a better ETA now that the first date is only four days away? Will the Relays be shipped in phases to lessen workload? Or are they shipping out all at once? Thanks for your time!


All your Relays should be shipped at once if they are in the same order. We want to make sure everyone in your family can start using them together :slight_smile:


I have a question on shipping dates . I first ordered a to pack an the got e mail with the option to get the relay right away or wait 4-6 weeks I took option 2
So does any one know. or have a date that this is going to happen


I think the question was, upon release of the Relay, whether all the back-orders would be shipped on the same day, or take days/weeks to get all shipments out.


Apologies for taking so long to respond, but I wanted to make sure I had as accurate information as possible. We’re very close to shipping Relay orders out and will have an announcement with more information on Monday :-). Individual communications will also be sent once your order ships so you have a more accurate timeline.


Thanks That is good news. I am ready to go.:sunglasses:


I was SO hoping to have Relay talk in the app by my travel this weekend! So close!


I think they are going to ship soon I just noticed my Bank account has a deduction for the 149+the service for the relay And I did not get a E mail saying they shipped. :sunglasses:


Hi Andi B
well they are real close to shipping . To night Checked bank account they have taken the money . that only when relay is shipping So I was told at the time I put
my order in Yay…:grin:


Hey @telemon1, glad you’re excited. We are too!

You’ll get a shipping confirmation with a tracking number as the next step and your Relay order will be inbound.

If you want to brush up on activation and next steps, I’d suggest starting here: How to Use Relay – RelayGo.

Thanks for Relaying!


Thanks Ryan for the info Cant wait for them to get here.


Make sure the app updates on your phone and you should have what you want this weekend. Mine works!


Can you tell me when mine will ship? They were ordered over 2 weeks ago


Anybody else have a UPS shipment stuck in Hodgkins, IL? Mine has just been sitting there since last Friday…


Hey @dobberrw, I’ve followed up on this with our supply chain team- could you open a Help ticket and let me know the ticket number once you do?