Show Location on Map



It would be very nice to be able to see a map with the location of a Relay on it. While an address is nice (and as seen in the video it would provide Google Assistant a way to respond with information other than coordinates), I don’t think it’s as helpful as being able to zoom in on a map to see detailed location.


I agree with this idea, but you can actually view the location on a map today, when you tap the address from the list of locations. Obviously this isn’t optimal and technically the pin, as it appears on the map, is the address of the Relay’s location at the timestamp of that location record and isn’t dynamically updated.

I think this request is more about adding a dynamic, automatically updating location tracking feature which is rendered as an interactive map. Maybe something that would need to be be manually initiated, just as requesting the location is today in the location history list.


The feature you’re asking for already works for me. At our local theme park, I could see a map that included all the rides, such that I could tell which ride my daughter was standing in line for.


Since the ability to see the location on a map is already a feature, I am going to set this as completed.


@SeanR - You told me to add it… and no it’s not completed because it’s just th address location on the map not the actual dynamic location of the Relay.


So you’re wanting it to track the relays movement in real time on the map? I apologize I didn’t stand out in the description of the request.

If you want I can edit it to make that clearer? Then I can open it back up again.


For children’s privacy purposes, we do not poll for the location of the device unless specifically asked for by the parent. And storage of that location history information is only found on the device locally.

Keep in mind that children’s privacy regulation is much more stringent than adult privacy.


Thanks. I wasn’t saying to poll it, just show it on a map when you request it.


Ok, then I am very confused and am not understanding what you are asking for. When you ask for the location of the phone and an address is given, are you saying that we should immediately open an embedded map in our app and show you the user live as they move around?


I may be misunderstanding then. I understand that when an address in the location history of the device is opened, that it opens that address in a maps application; and that it’s just mapping an address, not the actual coordinates of the Relay. I’m not talking about watching it move. I’m talking about seeing a requested single location of a Relay on the map, not the location of the street address nearest to the Relay on the map. Out in the country where we live, someone’s address can be 100 acres. That’s a big area to just drop a dot in the middle of and say, “they are at this address”. Does that make sense?


Did it give you a different street address for each ride?


Nope. Every address was the same.


That is not how I have seen it work. The location is determined as a coordinate (lat/long). The lat/long is converted to an address when shown in the Location History, but the map shows the coordinate. So in a large theme park with one address, the address is always the same, but the coordinates are very precise, such that they pinpoint the location of the Relay at a particular ride in the park.


Ok, thank you! That’s what I was misunderstanding then. A lat/long coordinate is what I was after.