Simpler and Safer: Why we built Relay


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Relay is an innovative new device that gives families a safer way to stay in touch. It’s as simple to use as a walkie-talkie, but works everywhere a cell phone works, includes location tracking, and will have other fun features such as music, games, and voice assistant functionality in the upcoming months. If you’re wondering why we built Relay, this is our story. It all started with Republic Wireless, the WiFi-first mobile carrier we launched in 2011 with a mission to provide remarkably simple and affordable ways for families to stay in touch. Since then, we’ve saved our members…


Dying to know when these will finally be available - I have a watch right now, but really do not like it, and unsure how “safe” it is…and I can call my kids, but they cannot call me. When is the launch date?


We are getting close to announcing the launch date, but are still working hard to complete our beta testing phase and get Relay ready to go. We can’t wait to share more information with everyone!


Also, if you happen to be from the Triangle, we’ve partnered with the Durham Bulls! We’ll be at their Star Wars themed game tonight with a Relay booth. Each time our booth will have a few Relay team members and a handful of Relays on hand to try out. We’ll continue to post here in the Neighborhood with the other dates that we plan to be there :slight_smile:


Will it be before the end of June? I am hoping, with school getting out and friends wanting to stay connected, as well as parents keeping track of their kids, that it would be marketed to the rest of us by then, since I didn’t get the trial.


Although we cannot share specifics of launch dates, it’s a big goal of ours to have Relay available for that exact reason! We know that summer will be the perfect time for parents and kids to get awesome use out of Relay, and we are working hard and fast to make that happen.