Slow Wifi to Cellular transition?


Hi all, if you are experiencing this issue, please submit a help ticket so our technicians can gather as much data and details as possible to work towards a solution.


I believe this just happened with ours. Interestingly I had all of them with us (3) at Target and only one worked, one that did not update software last night. Once we were back at the car then all 3 worked again and I checked the Wi-Fi connections and found they were most likely trying to connect TO the target Wi-Fi since it was saved and couldn’t connect to cellular. Of course once you dont have cell coverage you cant delete the saved Wi-Fi because it shows them as not online.


In order to rectify this issue we were plagued with as my daughter would run between our house and neighbor houses. She kept having issues with the lag as she would get to the fringes of the wifi signal so to rectify this issue I remove my home wifi and haven’t had an issue since. I understand if you are in an area such as a basement or such with bad cell where the wifi may become necessary but beyond that the cell network works just fine.



I did not configure my relays to connect to a wifi network. Even in the areas with a cell phone signal it seems like they disconnect from cellular and do not reconnect until rebooted.

I am using these with a 5 year old…so basically once her relay goes offline it is useless.


Have you filed a service ticket? If not you will definately need to. What you have described is not what I have experienced as expected behavior as the relay devices should reconnect to cell signal.


I removed all wifi networks from my Relay for this very reason. Probably not what Republic wants to hear from a cellular usage perspective but we kept finding the Relays not working because they were holding on to a wifi signal that wasn’t usable or the transition didn’t happen until the child tried to reach us, making it impossible for us to reach them.

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Also not good if the cellular signal is weak inside your house basement or other location where Wifi is available and reliable.


We also removed the WIFI from our Relay units. I added them.back when I saw that they added the setting for the change over aggressiveness, I had high hopes that I would notice a difference in change over than before but we still had issues on the fringes of our wifi between our house and the neighbors. So back to cell only we went, though we have had no issues since doing that.


Exactly, that’s what I just got through doing, because they wanted to say it’s about the difference between 3G vs 4G and apparently not because now we run 4G on all with no WiFi connected and have zero issues with ‘the device is not connected to the Relay server’ messages anymore!