SUGGESTION - Change "No One in You Group" Experience

Currently when a child tries to message a group that has no one available (or is entirely app users like mom and dad) the UX is a red light and a message that says “No one in your group is available”. This leaves the child feeling stranded and gives the impression to the parents that the child will not reach someone.

The actual experience is better, just not fully baked. It currently alerts app users so they can join, and if they respond, and have the feature that forces units to switch to that channel, they can initiate a conversation and ensure their child’s unit is listening.

The UX should be from the unit side, a red light flashes and it says “Attempt to reach your group members”. This at least gives the impression an app user will join soon. A timeout should then occur is no one responds saying “no one in your group is available”.

For groups that have multiple units (and not just app users…like friends, etc) the same UX should exist from the unit that is trying to initiate and the other units should chirp and flash a color letting them know there is activity in a channel they belong to. If the power button is pressed, they should be redirected to that channel and allow them to initiate the conversation. That same experience should continue for other members of group for a timeout period before they timeout and stop trying.

This would be SO MUCH more user friendly from the unit side, and ensure conversations aren’t missed.

In the coming months, we will be adding messages to groups. This will be similar to sending messages to individuals. When that happens this message will go away completely, like it has for 1:1 messages.

We know the experience isn’t ideal but it will be changing. Unfortunately I don’t have an exact date for one that will happen.

I don’t know that messages is the best experience for groups. It makes sense for individuals. But groups should act more like an older instant message or a NexTel conversation. Notification and then real-time response. Again the user experience for messages is awkward from the device itself. Great from the app only.

Groups should have an alert or chirp. Let the user join from the device or switch channels as activities occur. Messages just add delays to something that should be instant.

My 5 year old has learned that if we don’t respond he can leave a message directly. I feel like the experience just needs tweaking from the device side. Not necessarily the app side.

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Hi Tom, you have a point about the “No one in your group is available” and in my opinion, the upcoming messaging feature for groups is far more confusing.

On one hand, a child will be able to leave a message for an adult. This is good. However, the child never knows they are leaving a message for the adult AND there is no timestamp for messages left by an adult to a child.

With a 1980’s answering machine, an individual hears an attempt at connecting the call: ring, ring, ring, ring - answer - “we are not available, leave message” - beep - When the message is played, a timestamp is also shared. None of this happens with the Relay message feature.

Here’s one workflow using the Everyone channel:

Child turns on Relay, selects the Everyone channel, and say’s “Hello Mommy.” If Mommy is not available, the live communication instantly becomes a recorded message. The child is never informed that this happens. The Child never knows that an adult is NOT listening. Child repeats, “Hello Mommy, are you there?” This also becomes a recorded message. Less than a minute later, Mommy gets 1 “Activity on Channel” notification and 2 recorded messages. A few minutes later, Mommy listens to the 2 messages and says “Hello, I am here.”

As the child is on a Relay device, Mommy’s message plays through the speaker. If the Child doesn’t hear message during the live broadcast, I believe it’s gone forever. I don’t believe a missed message on the Everyone channel will become a recorded message for the Child. If I am wrong and it DOES convert from a live communication to a recorded message AND the child gets the message later in the day, there is no timestamp so the child doesn’t know how long ago the message was sent.

The lack of a timestamp and effective notifications perpetuates a cycle of missed messages, confusion, and frustration.

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Yes! This is exactly my frustration with these units. It’s not designed to inspire confidence in the UX.