Suggestion: RW Data Settings & Relay



I just got a new RW phone (Moto Z3) and a Relay.

I never use Data and the only reason for me to use it is for Relay. I suggest an RW phone setting for Relay Data Only.

Thank you for your consideration.


Are you suggesting a way to block all purchased data other than that used by the Relay App or are you talking about offering free data for the Relay app to Republic customers? (probably both are a Republic-proper thing rather than Relay, but which are you suggesting?)


Link to my response to a similar topic over at the RW forum.There’s essentially a $5.00 up charge for Relay data use for some RW members as @philipb.cjju9a mentioned.


@philipb.cjju9a, The Relay app should not be using up a lot of data: How Much Data Does the Relay App Use? – RelayGo. What plan are you currently on with Republic?