Talking to a specific relay



I understand that the answer to this question for now is found in the Help portal but I was wondering what the reasoning is for not having this feature? At the very least for the app user to be able to reach one specific Relay device would be helpful, even if it can’t go the other way around yet (although doing only one way wouldn’t make too much sense)

Q: How Do I Speak to Only One Relay at a Time?
A: A custom channel will need to be set up to talk directly to a specific Relay. You will need to meet at the same time in the channel to speak. If both parties are not on the channel at the same time it will not work.


We have had some conversation around this topic
If you read through the short thread you will see some things that are brought up are that you would be bumping one device from communicating with all others and then what would trigger allowing it to communicate on the main channel again? At this time the individual channel is the best practice though I understand there is a process to get the device user to that channel.