The problem we've solved with Relay


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We built Relay to solve a problem: parents need a way to stay in touch with their children before they’re old enough for smartphones. It had to do two things: one, get kids off screens—and two, make their lives more fun. Arguably, no one has more fun than our friends here in Raleigh, The Holderness Family. They’re just like us – they have a desire for more unplugged family time, but admit it’s hard to break from the allure (and subsequent problem!) of screens. After finding Relay, they’re embracing the lifestyle change by getting outside, exploring and playing—all while staying…



Excellent video. Relay is a great remedy for the Holderness family’s screen addiction problem.


Thanks for joining the Relay Neighborhood @markr.zszejk and making your voice heard.

We’re glad you liked the Holderness Relay video. I thought it was awesome.