The Relay Channel Store: Customize with Brand New Features!


I would like to as many fully functional relay channels as possible. If one has six children and six relays they should be able to set up six channels. I’ve been under the impression this is what RW has been working towards.


You can have five channels per Relay and you can determine who is on each channel that the device can interact with. As I was playing around this weekend I have found that the current channels are great between relay devices but as @joelandtessi explained above;

I can understand the importance of knowing what is happening on the main relay channel but the intention of my request here is to have a separate channel that would not be affected by the other relay channel so that a channel such as a grandparents channel.


The other channels don’t go away. You would just need to go on the primary channel say: “Hey Mary, hop over to the me and you channel”, and then you two would switch and talk there. (the only channel for which this is not true is the tap to create adhoc channel between accounts).


Issue I had is that I created a family channel that the Relay units were on. Relay app on the relay channel started talking which automatically changed the Relay units from the family channel they were on to the relay channel and the had to manually switch back. I understand that the Relay channel is the main channel which is why I would like a second relay channel, again understanding the importance of the offshoot channels as they are today.


Problem is, what is mom and daughter are talking about girl stuff privately and brother goes on Relay channel and says hey mom I need blah blah and then begins hearing everything being said because they have now all switched back to the relay channel…
True story
So private channels are nice but I think there should be a way the LED ring could flash a color for the channel someone is trying to reach me on so we don’t all have to be switched over like that.