Top-Requested Features Coming Spring 2019


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Your ideas are coming to life this spring. We’ve listened as families using Relay have shared their experiences and let us know about features that would make Relay even more useful as a communication tool, family GPS tracker, and more—and we’ve been working to make them happen. Now they’re almost ready. Here’s a sneak peek into what you can expect. Coming this Spring: Get SOS emergency alerts This feature allows your child to send an emergency notification from their Relay to your smartphone. Along with the notification, you’ll also get a live update of their location so you can make…


Wow this is incredible!!! These features are THE most important features! I’m so excited for all of them especially the non-relay app users for grandparents, non-custodial parents, cousins, etc. The emergency feature, geofencing & messages are absolutely amazing bonuses as well! These will all make relay something I can have my son use for many more years now! These would be great for the elderly… My grandmother who had dementia would’ve greatly benefited from this. I hope caretakers take advantage of relays for this purpose bc it’s so much easier than using a smartphone for the tech challenged. Thank u guys for listening & implementing so many amazing features - this makes it absolutely perfect for my son and our family…thank u thank u thank u!!!


Thanks for your support! We couldn’t make any of this happen without your ideas. We are so excited to make these features available for everyone :grinning: