Translation Languages

Are there more languages planned for the translation function? I find it really awesome because it doesn’t sound robotic!

Specifically I’m interested in Mandarin since my mother-in-law and my daughter has that language barrier…as well as myself not speaking the language.

I would love to see Romanian language!

I just noticed that Mandarin was added and have been having a blast trying it out. Pretty spot on I think (not that I really know it well), I love how it works both ways so that my daughter and my mother-in-law might have a better way to converse…you’d think 50+ years living in the US she would be a better English speaker :face_with_monocle:

Once again, not a robotic voice! whatever you guys at relay are doing, keep it up!

Is there a chance that a single language can be downloaded to the device for abroad travels?

Does translate work between units as well (or could soon work between units)? For instance, a grade school native Russian language Relay user in Ukraine could be learning phrases in English … While a grade school native English language Relay user/speaker outside Ukraine could be connected in a conversation (once a channel was set up? With recent Friday activism starting up worldwide, this might be a very effective way for young people to breakdown language barriers rather easily, cheaply and quickly, … so long as they have good access to 4G or Wifi, is that right? I realize about 70 to 90% of the current activists may have a smartphone already. But let’s provide cheap access to a Relay to those who don’t! (I’m thinking Relays should be “passed around” freely several times a month among those who don’t have a smartphone yet … Even among K thru 4 grades levels!)

That would be a cool feature, to speak in one language and have it output into another language on another unit