Turn off Relay from phone app



Similar to other users, my Relay’s battery is starting to run down after about 8 hours with very little use. It would be nice to be able to turn the Relay off remotely from my phone app once I know my child is safe at school for instance and not going to be using it for an extended period. And then be able to turn it back on from the app later in the day. This feature would save some battery life without relying on the Relay user to remember to turn it on/off.


I could see a logistical issue here of how you would turn the unit back on after it is turned off as you lose control of it once it has turned off. I think the more important thing is why is it dying, bad signal, is it going in a locker or some place else that is causing it to use a lot of extra juice to look for signal.

Determining root cause and figuring a way to extend battery life I think is going to be more applicable that a parent manually going in and turning a unit on and off.


Once off, you would have no way to reach it to turn it back on. This could be resolved by allowing a timed turn off. For instance, turn off Relay for 6 hours. Certain cell phones have this feature. The device drops to an ultra low power mode where the wake up timer is still running but all other functionality is off.


Yes, maybe the low power mode would work rather than a complete power off.

Reference troubleshooting why the device is dying, from other topic conversations, it sounds like that issue hasn’t been resolved for most who are experiencing it, and a common trend is that initially the Relay batteries are lasting the 1-2 days expected, but after a few weeks of use, they seem to decrease to less than 1 day, and in my case I know it’s not due to a drastic change in the amount of time or area it is used. Providing a low power setting might at least partially alleviate that issue.