Unexpected feature of Relay: USB Digital Audio


I have a Relay at my desk at work and I was trying to figure out a way to make it more useful while I have my headphones on. Ideally making the Relay audio feed into my headphones and not be super loud.

Luckily I have a Creative Soundblaster E5 that I use as an external sound card for my mac.

This external soundcard has a multitude of inputs including bluetooth, 3.5mm jack, normal usb soundcard input, and also kind of uniquely USB Host Streaming: Type-A USB Port.

This Type-A USB port can charge a Relay while acting as the soundcard for the Relay as well.

I didn’t know this would work so I thought I’d share here.

Now, I can listen to music on my mac and at the same time hear incoming messages from my Relay.

The only downside is that when my headphones are off my relay is silent so I have to take it off the charging cable then it uses the relay speaker again.


I could see this being useful for parents during the work day if they also have Relays (in addition to the app): just plug into your computer, and then you can multitask with headphones while not missing any important Relay messages.