Using Relay in another country with local SIM card?


I live in New Zealand and am looking for a good quality, simple to use GPS tracker with two-way comms for helping my son stay safe and in touch when he pops down to the local playground etc. Relay looks easily the best product. There was a discussion on your forum last year about overseas use.
Would it work if I bought a Relay from you or via Amazon and then insert a New Zealand SIM card? I assume I would need to activate the SIM card and pay for data via my local cell phone company. And would there also be a monthly charge for the Relay app?

I have successfully experiemented with a U.K. SIM in a Relay, so, in theory, there’s no reason a New Zealand SIM wouldn’t work. Please note, however, use of a Relay on cellular outside the U.S. isn’t supported. Not supported doesn’t mean it won’t work but does mean potentially no help making it work should it not.

If you decide to move forward, you would want to purchase from Amazon as Relay itself doesn’t ship outside the U.S.

Relay service is $9.99 per month, which includes cellular service in the U.S. that you won’t be using. There is no way around that. Any fees for use of the local SIM would indeed be paid to the service provider providing that SIM over and above the monthly Relay service fee. There is no charge for the Relay app per se.

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