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How can you change the name of the Relay in the App? We received and activated all 3 of our Relays and have no way to change the names in the App. I would like to name them (Mom, Dad, Kid)… This is basic functionality of the App and not a “feature” of the device. I was told in a chat that “This feature may be added in the future.” This is not a feature. It’s basic stuff that shouldn’t be touted as a feature.


I’ve moved your topic from our Question & Answer category to our General Discussions category.

Thanks for the feedback @Vivek. The device names cannot be changed at this time, but the ability to name them yourself is something we are indeed working towards. They should still be identifiable by color in the app, or via pressing the channel button, but please let us know if you need assistance identifying which is which for the time being. Hang in there with us! Just because it is not currently part of the Relay experience, doesn’t mean we won’t add it later on-- especially if others echo your sentiment about this function.


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Thanks. Also looks like my firmware is ROM 92 and needs to be updated to ROM 98… will that only happen at night?


It’s a no brainer and should have been a top priority prior to introduction.


Correct. Make sure your Relay is on and attached to its charger overnight. The update should take place between 2:00am and 4:00am your time: How to Get Software Updates on Relay – RelayGo


Thanks. I’ll make sure this thread and all of your feedback gets relayed to our development team. I can’t make any timeline promises, but I’ll make sure they’re aware of the demand for it.


When you get a chance, you can post this request over to our Ideas & Feedback category. Others will be able to formally vote, and we will use this category as an additional, easy-to-review feedback mechanism for our development team. Please be as detailed as possible in how you believe the naming should function, and why you see it as a necessity.

I’ll be glad to assist with and clarify anything about this category if need be.


Wow. WOW! I just activated our Relays, and renaming them was the first thing I tried. Shocking that it’s not possible yet. It’s such basic, 101, first day stuff. I know we got them a little early, but the functionality at this point is so limited, it’s really hard to see the value. Are we talking days or weeks for renaming them? How about multiple channels?


“Gentle Dog”?
No, I want a real name for my Relay.
It’s also the first thing I tried to do.
I’ve written Android apps. This is pretty basic.


Good idea, if that is a feature that we need to have, go to Ideas & Feedback - The Neighborhood and post it. We would love to see what others think.


Matthew, perhaps in the future you should consider that you are not a good candidate for a pre-release product. This sure sounds like complaining again.


Dan, perhaps you should consider that you’re not a good candidate for participating in forums designed for product feedback. You might also consider checking the posted date and see that this was posted long before the other message you complained about.



We’re not talking about a “pre-release” product. We’re talking about the actual product that is available for purchase to the general public. Nonetheless, it’s a great product but still needs some basic updates to basic functions in the app.


When a product is provided to customers with the caveat that advertised (and important) functionality is not yet available, that is pre-release. The released product is currently being ‘held’ (not released) and will be ‘released’ in 2-4 weeks.


Dan, renaming the devices is very basic, core functionality, and it was not mentioned to any of us that this feature would be unavailable pre-launch.


I don’t recall such a feature (naming/renaming) being promoted or discussed by Republic in any of their early material or videos.

@andi_b already suggested posting this as an idea in the Ideas & Feedback section. So it might be worth doing that if you feel very strongly about this feature @matthewn. I know I’d vote for it!


When Republic Wireless makes the product available for anyone to purchase, it’s not “pre-release”. Especially when the CEO is out there touting the actual release of the Relay. It’s been released. Delivery is not a condition defining “release vs pre-release”. It’s really not that hard.