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In my experience with software product development, one person’s “basic core functionality” is another person’s “I’d use it if it were there”. I find that the Relay is useful without device renaming, which makes it clear to me that it is not core to the purpose of the product.

What Republic considered core functionality was clearly spelled out in the email that we received. Device renaming was not specified as functionality that would be provided during either the pre-release or initial release phases.

I agree it would be a good feature.


Can you provide a reference to the CEO communication that you are quoting? Why are shipments being held until a undetermined future date? It is not uncommon for products to be made available for purchase before release date. DVD movies are an example. The ability to make a purchase commitment does not necessarily signal release has occurred.


Follow his twitter handle


Date and time of the twitter post that you are referencing please?



Thank you. I would not have found that as I did not know Chris was the CEO.

If you examine all of the details released on that date, the product ‘launch’ was only pre-ordering, not an announcement of the actual release of the product. With this announcement, you could not even complete a purchase (I tried). You were put on a list, payment information was collected, but not charged (as specified in the details of the announcement. “Your card will not be charged until your order ships (in 4-6 weeks)”

The actual purchase offer was made to a limited number of customers through email, making it very clear that advertised core functionality was not available.

Upon the actual release of the product, it is not typical to require a special ‘invitation’ in order to actually buy the thing.


Nonetheless, it’s a great product. We’ve been using ours and have had a blast. However, it does need work and everyone on this forum is entitled to their opinion about what work the Relay needs or doesn’t need. No need to respond to this post, please.


I can’t even respond to agree with you?


I agree. It’s great product with the potential to become truly revolutionary once many features are brought online. We should not discourage each other from sharing ideas in this forum on how to improve the product. Totally content or silent product testers are not super useful to the company.


I agree Matthew. And in no way am I encouraging or asking anyone to be silent.

However, there is positive, constructive feedback, and feedback that is destructive and has the purpose of trying to make someone feel as if they failed. I encourage all to make their suggestions in a positive, constructive way, instead of “how could they have failed so badly” type of comments.


@matthewn, @Dan, and @Vivek. I think you all have raised some great points about this. As we push new (and I know my word choice is making some of you cringe) “features”/elements/functionalities, we want to be able to circle back with our development team and show them what our members consider imperative. We use the Ideas & Feedback category specifically for that. Please take a minute to post there, or let me know in detail what you’d like this functionality to entail and I’ll create the topic for you. Once it’s there, others can vote and we can really amplify what you all are saying.


I’d let them worry about the style of comments. It’s not your job. :slight_smile:


I’ve never found “That’s not your job” to be a constructive comment. That is why I have never told you that posting in this forum is not your job. I believe that you are free to post. I ask the same consideration from you.