Using the Relay app to communicate


I just activated the Relay for my son’s use. I have the app on my iPhone and wanted to communicate to him using the app. How do I do this? There does not seem to be a button or mic to communicate with him. I can hear him on my phone if he uses the relay but he cannot hear me via the app


Hi there! Would love to help with this. Within the home screen of the Relay app, you should see a big button labeled “Push & Talk”. All you need to do is hold that down, speak into your phone (while still holding down the button), and your message will go through! Please let us know if you are not seeing the push & talk button within the app.


I see no push and talk button. Only a black screen. At the bottom it says change channels but nothing seems to happen if I tap that.

Denise Aden


Hmmm, that is something we can help address for you Denise! If you can, please go ahead and open a help ticket with us via going through the side bar menu, selecting Help, and submitting that ticket. We’d definitely like to look into why this is occurring.


I turned off the phone while trying to screenshot and now the button shows up. Thanks.


Great! Happy to hear it’s showing up now :slight_smile: