Very limited/poor reception


Hi there. We bought two relays and have had them about a week. My problem is regarding the very limited cell coverage. Kids have very spotty coverage when biking around the neighborhood (I communicate from home with relay #2). Is this just bad location luck, or could it somehow be resolved?
(edited to add: both of us adults are long time RW users, without any coverage issues, but I believe I’m now understanding that CDMA coverage can differ based on area)


Do you know whether there adults have GSM or CDMA activated phones? If CDMA then the Relays should really have the same coverage.


Could be that the relay does not have an antenna with the same transmit/receive as a phone.


It could very well be a coverage issue as Relays operate a bit differently (sometimes using different bands) than cell phones. We recommend opening up a help ticket so our help team can examine your coverage.