Viewing other app users in a channel


Forgive me if this had already been addressed (and hello! This is my first post!)…

We just received our Relay today. Just one, for my 8 year old. I gave the grandparents my account info, so he had someone “far away” to talk to immediately out of the box. He was stoked when a familiar voice came through after asking “is anybody there?” We’re going to have a lot of fun with this!

That being said… is it possible to see other users of the account who do not have the actual Relay device? With the Relay offline, I inadvertently found that I was still able to talk with “Grandpa” (excuse me…”Noble Unicorn”) through our downloaded apps. However, nothing ever shows up visually that other non-device owning members are online; only the device carrier. It would be useful to know who is online at any given time, especially since I have to give my email and password to the members using it. Also, if the need should arise, it would be nice to have the ability to disable a user without having to change account passwords.

Thoughts or insight?
Thank you!


There is nothing in the App that shows app users that have signed in recently or who are currently signed in and also the app in the foreground. The app will only provide you with the information for the relay devices you have purchased.

It would be interesting to see if they could pull an active app user list, but my guess is that an “active user” would be an app user that has the app open in the foreground so they can hear the channel and communicate.


I agree that this is definitely something that needs to be addressed and I hope that it will be coming with the app changes associated with additional channels. Last I heard this was the dev teams top priority. If it is then we can wait for the additional channel updates but if not this would be a good thing to submit in the ideas section.

As it is now I can tell that the kids are online and getting my messages but I have no indication if my wife is receiving on her phone.

Actually, it might work to just move this whole thread over to the ideas section…


As a parent I’d think it’s important to be able to monitor who is communicating with my kids even with the single com channel we now have. Safety and security is supposedly one of the hallmarks or Relay. Member accounts may be able to be compromised allowing unknowns access.


Yeah that is also a good point. I guess I’m assuming the development of additional channels is pretty far along and that it will require you to be able to manage what device is in each channel via the app. So in my mind it makes sense that it would be delivered with the additional channel features. I’m thinking that a pin code or something will also be needed on the app so that only users with the “admin” pin will be able to manage channels.


I do agree that safety is of the upmost importance but as it stands today the only way someone can access the relay app is if the account holder provides the user name and password so if there is any risk of compromise it stands there.

It is my experience that the Relay team works hard to maintain a safe network and so my hope is that we will be able to have different log ins for different people or as @dobberrw stated perhaps a pin number to differentiate access. I do find it important to have an admin account and then allow other such as for grandparents to have an account just to chat.