Voice chat not working


Hi all,
Voice messaging has been intermittent today and is not working at all this evening between my two relays, and between them and my Android app. The Android app can fetch relay status promptly, it says that both devices have excellent Wi-Fi connection, power is good, and GPS location has appeared correct throughout the day. We have rebooted the relays a few times; sometimes it helps briefly, but then the devices go mute again.

Is anyone else seeing this, or should I open a ticket?

Android app 1.5.43
Both relays (112)



Hi andy
I may suggest that take them off wi fi an try it on cell only an see what happens, You have all the most up date to the app an the relays I my self dont use the relay on wi fi just for that reason.


Edit if they still have a problem then by all means open a help ticket. so they can see what is going on


Hi Andy! We may suggest following the instructions outlined in this help article to see if that helps: How to Forget and Reconnect a WiFi Network – RelayGo

If you follow these steps and still see issues with messaging over WiFi, please feel free to open a help ticket with us so our agents can look into this for you. We definitely want to get those Relays working properly :slight_smile: