Voice communication stopped


Voice communication stopped working yesterday between my two relaygo devices, and has not worked for two days now. Specifically:

  • When users push the ‘talk’ buttons on Relaygo devices, nothing is heard.
  • When I push the ‘talk’ button on the Relay app on my Android phone, no voices are heard, and eventually the app makes the two beep, low-freq, ‘denied’ sound.

I did some debug tonight…

  • The Relay app on my Android phone was able to manage both relaygo devices. For example, I can see their GPS location, power level (good), channels (relaygo only), cell connection (fair), wifi not connected (since the wifi router was updated in Dec.)
  • According to the app, the Relaygo build versions in both devices were already at the latest level
  • I updated the version of Relay app on my phone from 1.9.64 to the latest 1.11.286.
  • We rebooted both relaygo devices.
  • No improvement.

Possibly interesting tidbits:

  • These relaygo devices are used by my parents. They live 500 miles from me. I am debugging remotely via phone.
  • As mentioned above, their home wifi router was updated in December. The relays haven’t connected to wifi since. Cell-only since.
  • When users push the talk button on either device, the Relay app on my phone gives a notification that users are talking!

I’m wondering if this is a known problem or user error?
I’ll be happy to provide more debug.
Thanks for any suggestions.



It sounds like you have a great start with your debugging by making sure that everything is up-to-date and looking into the Relay details. I honestly would recommend speaking with our support team at this point because they will be able to troubleshoot what’s happening and have you try some different solutions for your parents. You can reach them directly from the Relay app by pressing the “?” in the upper right hand corner or emailing them directly at support@relaygo.com. I will give them a heads up about your situation as well for when you start the conversation with them. I hope this helps get your parents back up and running quickly!


Thanks @MandyL Done.


Perfect, keep me updated if you need anything additional!