Volume button sound


There needs to be some way to distinguish the volume control sound. I had a hard time finding out if the volume was on low or high. There needs to some kind of chirp to let you know if your on low or high volume. The only way to find out is if communicate to the other walker talkie to her the sound.


Thank you for bringing that up! When you are moving from low to higher volumes, you should be hearing each volume level via a slight dinging noise as you move up and back down. Is that what you are looking for Paulette? Let us know if you don’t hear any noise at all when moving through volume levels. You can also see volume level indication with the LED light ring.


Out of the box Relay should be at full volume.
Press the Volume button (the one with the little speaker on it) once to hear and see the present volume level. A short “boop” plays at the present volume level and the LED ring displays the volume in quarter circle segments. Press the Volume button a second time (within a few seconds) to increase the volume.
One segment is displayed for the lowest volume (the “boop” sound is played very low), two segments for next level, three for higher volume and four for max volume. The lowest volume is good for very quiet environments but I expect most to use the top two levels. Once you reach maximum volume the “boop” changes to a bamboo strike sound.
To lower the volume just press the button again past the max volume and you’ll fall back to minimum. This is the only “down” step.