Volume low on IOS App version messages


Feedback: When talking from or listening in the Relay app on iPhones, it is very quiet, like when talking on your phone with someone without speakerphone on. Volume is all the way up.

Relay Android and iOS App Update - v1.4.46 - 06/14/18

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Great, thanks @SeanR


I just received the Relay yesterday, and I am experiencing the same situation. Unless you have the phone up to your ear, as you would a landline, you can’t hear the Relay audio.


Indeed volume on the iOS app is significantly lower than on Android. For me, audio is correctly routed over the speakerphone rather than the earpiece speaker. I’m guessing the developers will need to make an adjustment.


Same issue here. I’m on software version (92) and the audio from the relay to my iPhone is only playing through the earpiece. I’m also not receiving any alerts, even though the relay app has “background refresh” enabled.


Alerts are scheduled to be fixed in a forthcoming iOS update. It’s not something you may fix with an iOS setting.

You might want to double-check where the audio is coming from. It’s too soft but if you hold your iPhone close to your ear, I think you’ll find audio is routing to the speaker at the bottom of your phone rather than the earpiece speaker. At least, that’s my experience and I wasn’t able to determine this without holding the phone close to my ear. It’s a distinction without a difference really other than to tell the developers it’s a volume issue rather than an audio routing issue.

Lastly, your Relay(s) are running outdated software. See here for how to fix: How to Update Relay's Software – RelayGo.


I have the same experience. The earpiece is audible and responds to volume control, but the speaking barely audible if at all.


Thanks for the feedback on your Relay iOS experience.

There is a Relay Help Center article on this topic that can be reached here: How to Change the Messaging Volume in the iOS Relay App – RelayGo

If the volume does not reach an acceptable level after trying these steps, please open a ticket with Support so we can address for you. May be a bug.

Thanks for Relaying!


Yeah, that’s not working well on my 8plus. I can hear it, in my office in dead silence, with the volume turned all the way up. I can hear it through the speaker, and when I hold it to my ear, as in getting a phone call. Luckily nobody called or texted when I tried it, or I might have hearing damage. There is no way I can use that volume setting. The volume on the Relay doesn’t seem to realistic for an outside play situation either. I do have it on the 100% volume setting. In case it would matter, my ios is 11.4.1, the Relay app is current, and the Relay is at the latest update.


OK, the Relay was up to date when I left for work this morning, until about 10 minutes ago when I see there was a new firmware update :slightly_smiling_face:


Did you try the documented procedure?

  1. Open the Relay app on your iOS device
  2. Press and hold the talk button in the app
  3. While still holding down the talk button, adjust the volume on the device using the physical volume buttons on the side of the device


Yes I did. That’s why my reply was to the message about where to find the procedure, not the original message about low volume.

// Kevin //


The documented procedure for turning up volume does not help here. Volume is all the way up and everything is still quiet. Nothing has changed since I first started this topic over a month ago.


I am having the same issue on iPhone

Volume is completely too low, basically unusable.

I tried the suggested fix linked above.