Website Notifications



I sometimes miss my phone notifications, so options for website, email and maybe SMS notifications would be great. This is really for emergency and occasional use, so I don’t want to miss my kid trying to reach me.


I could see a SMS notification if a relay tried to contact without being replied to via notifications. Not sure if a website notification would be useful since most would be mobile users. Great idea for those who miss their first notification.


When I’m at work, I often turn my mobile volume down, for meetings etc… and then forgot to turn it back on. I’d hate to miss a notification.

But the big social media sites all deliver me notifications via web notification, which is really useful as I don’t miss those.


Do you mean like a browser extension?

I have my Relay app set to override do not disturb. Perhaps that would work for you.

I’m also wondering if it’s feasible for Relay to work with IFTTT?


I think Chrome has that notifications function built in, but I will look into IFTTT. But can IFTTT tap into a mobile app, or does Relay have any “web hooks”?


I had a play with the IFTTT iOS app, but you can’t use notifications as a trigger unfortunately, as far as I can tell.

That said, I think IFTTT integration could be really useful, but it would need Relay to build the hooks and publish them to IFTTT.

If that happened, then we could do what we want… we could have Alexa announce that Happy Puppy is trying to contact us, or whatever.


I can see this as being extremely helpful especially to those of us who have one Relay and are depending on the app for communication. However, I have no idea what engineering is involved to get Relay to work with IFTTT.