Well, that was short lived



My son lost his Relay a little over a week ago, and it is nowhere to be found. When we DID have it in our possession, the live location was incorrect by a few miles (this was swiftly addressed by a Relay representative). As the battery life isn’t very long, my son got into the bad habit of turning his Relay off until he needed it, rendering it useless. Of course, being the active nine year old he is, he lost it.

One major flaw of this system is that you can’t actually see a log of the locations unless the Relay is online. After that, it’s all erased! I understand that to have location tracking when the Relay is dead is asking for too much, but it would be helpful if the app would log the location history, so we could at least see the last location it was in before going offline. Perhaps we’d have better luck finding it.

In the meantime, I hope whoever finds it enjoys their $99 paperweight! :sweat:


Sorry to hear about your lost Relay. We’d still like to see how we can improve the situation, despite not being able to track location history with Relay yet. If you circle back with the agent in your ticket and let them know your Relay is lost, we may be able to help.