We've Opened a New Category: Ideas & Feedback


You all should now have access to a new category we’ve built specifically for feedback, requests, and ideas. We know Relay is a new product and we want to hear from you all in order to learn how we can improve upon it.

Be sure to read the full category description before you post.

To submit a topic in this category, you will be required to tag your request as one of the following:

  • Accessory: This is something that should be sold/made/paired with Relay.
  • Feature: Anything that should be added to Relay’s capabilities (this includes the companion app).
  • Process-Improvement: Something on the support/service side that needs re-evaluation.
  • Use-case: Other than with families with young kids, what other scenarios do you see Relay being used in?

As we go over these ideas/requests, our staff will mark the status of them as one of the following:

  • New
  • Under Review
  • Planned
  • Unplanned
  • Under-development
  • Completed

If you have any questions about this category and the processes it involves, please ask them in the description topic thread.

I would love to have a complete user manual