We've opened our Initial Beta Category for Everyone to See


Hi Neighbors!

I wanted to direct your attention to a :star: new category :star: we’ve given you access to. For the past couple of months, we had Relay in BETA testing. Meaning, we put Relays in the hands of a select group of families and asked them to give us their feedback, suggestions, and ideas based on their experiences with this early version of Relay. Over that period of time, we were able to gather a lot of information and work out some kinks.

Now that it’s is open for all to purchase, we wanted everyone to be able to see what these BETA testers had to say about Relay. We know many of you are excited about Relay, but also have a lot of questions because it is such a unique and new device. We hope that by opening up this previously closed section of the Neighborhood, you will get a better sense of how these folks use Relay- how it’s fitting into their lives and what they think about it.

You’ll also start seeing more of our BETA testers in The Neighborhood offering their perspective and answering your questions based on their experiences with the BETA Relays. BETAs can easily be identified by the chemistry flask next to their avatar: flaskbubbly. So keep an eye out, keep asking questions, and be sure to check out our Relay BETA category to learn more!


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