What carriers are being tested as part of the BETA


This post: Activation Experiences... what did you think? indicates that the user got an AT&T SIM card for their Relay. Up until now were were told that the activations were on Sprint and AT&T isn’t even a Republic partner. So, I guess the question is, is this a misunderstanding and actually T-Mobile and that’s being tested as part of the beta? Something else entirely?

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It’s not a misunderstanding. We try several different configurations for Beta testing in order to get a more comprehensive understanding of how Relay will work for folks, but it’s not the GSM plan we’ll launch with.


Interesting, thank you.


Interesting indeed. I can only wonder if PC Magazine was making stuff up, of if they were given more information (or options) than you’re giving potential customers. Or perhaps their beta/review unit was different that what we actual purchasers will be receiving:

The Relays, which use either the Sprint or T-Mobile networks, work much, much better. (Republic Wireless doesn’t discuss which networks it uses, but it will send you a unit with the best coverage for your area.) We didn’t have any trouble with coverage in urban or suburban areas. The devices have T-Mobile’s 700MHz band 12 for broad coverage, but not the new band 71 for extended rural coverage.

(source: https://www.pcmag.com/review/360913/republic-wireless-relay)

Perhaps someone can clarify? Questions that immediately come to mind, regarding units that early purchasers will receive, are:

  • What bands/carriers will the HARDWARE we receive be compatible with?
  • On which network will they actually be provisioned?
  • If a customer experiences coverage issues, can the carrier be changed?
  • Is it possible to have Relays on different carriers in the same “channel”?


You are correct. The emphasis for any beta will be testing and feedback. The circumstances for beta are most often not identical to what we develop for launch.

Just as with Republic, we cannot disclose who our partner carriers are due to legal, contractual agreements.

We will always do our best to make sure Relay members have the best coverage possible. If a user has coverage issues- we ask that they submit a Help ticket, and allow our technicians to assess what the best fix is.

Relays’ abilities to communicate with one another are not determined by how they’re connected to the Relay server, but rather if they are connected.


Thank you, @Andi_B ! It seems you may have misinterpreted one of my questions:

What bands/carriers will the HARDWARE we receive be compatible with?

You replied by quoting from help which base technology the carrier uses. While that’s useful to know, I’m interested in which modes and bands are supported by the actual hardware – what radios does it have? what bands and modes can it utilize (which may be more than what will actually be provisioned at this time)? The point being how future-proof is the hardware?

Two major carriers (which cannot be disclosed and may or may not be the ones used) are making noise about merging. If this were to occur, and said unnamed carriers were to consolidate their platforms, it could end up being ether excellent news or devastating news for Relay, depending on the hardware CAPABILITIES (not to be confused with present implementation) of the units.


I_ was wondering if the provision the relay will it be the same as your phone? like sprint or tmo based on your Zip?


I am unaware of a cellular model that supports CDMA that doesn’t support GSM. The question is which LTE bands will it support. If I had to make a bet I’d say 2, 4, 5, 12, 25, 26 & 41.


One of the test reports in one of the many FCC filings for the device (FCC ID: 2AMBHRW2265) says:

CDMA/EV-DO/WCDMA/HSPA/DC-HSDPA/HSPA+(16QAM uplink is not supported)/LTE/NFC WLAN 2.4GHz 802.11b/g/n HT20/Bluetooth v3.0 + EDR / Bluetooth v4.0 LE / Bluetooth v4.1 LE

Another one of the reports has more details about wireless frequency range:

Here’s the full list of FCC filings in screenshot format since the FCC search won’t allow me to link to the results.


Very interesting. I missed 13 & 66. Band 13 is used only by Verizon AFAIK and is their primary LTE band. Band 66 isn’t deployed widely and is mostly used to supplement coverage on B4 by TMO.


Sorry I missed your question from before. The official answer is that the hardware can support the top 4 U.S. carriers, but it looks like some of our more sleuth-y community members were able to get you an answer more within the realm of what you were looking for.


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Silly me. I should know better and have thought to check the FCC filings myself. THANKS!


FAQ says Relay is using CDMA networks. The unnamed yellow CDMA network coverage at our home and the surrounding few square miles is miserable. The unnamed magenta GSM network at our home is excellent! I’m hoping provisioning on either network can become possible.