What does it DO?!?!


What does it DO!?!

I don’t want a marketing-approved ad that lists a few features. I want something more like a user-guide. I’m really interested in this but I still can’t tell exactly how it works. I tried to download the app see what features are available there but I can’t even look at the app without a Relay to activate. This is right on the line for me between “Best thing ever!” and “Piece of crap.” Please post a user guide or even just a video that shows someone with an actual unit who can demo it’s capabilities.

To me, your promo material says NOTHING.

Relay Questions Answered

Thanks for interest @ericw.vtzimp. I think our Help Center will provide you a few details on how the Relay works:

These aren’t packaged together as a traditional User Guide, but topically they cover a lot of the same ground.

We do have a few videos of Relay in action and will continue to build these out as Relay launches. (listed below and not as glossy as the other videos you referenced)

Once you had a chance to review, please let us know the areas you’d like to see more. Happy to fill in the gaps.