What does your family love to do with Relay?


Hey there!

Now that you’ve had your devices up and running for a while, I’d love to hear about some of your favorite activities you’ve done with Relay.

  • Have you gone anywhere fun where you’ve been able to test Relay (i.e. park, amusement park, vacation)?

  • Where are your kids’ favorite places to use their devices?

  • Have your children been allowed to do things/go places they weren’t before, now that they have their Relays? If so, what sort of places/activities have they been allowed to do/go?

  • Do you feel more comfortable letting your children explore a little farther with Relay? Why or why not?


Loving the Relays. We have let our children 7 and 12 roam quite a bit since day one. They go to the park or friends house. I love being able to talk to them. Last night came up with a perfect example of why these are so great. Found out school has early out today, but we didn’t know so the kids would have been without a babysitter, with the Relay they could say hey we’re home and I could get the problem resolved instead of them having no way to tell us they are home and no one is here. It shows them it is good to have the Relays with them always, even if they have them off it is there if they need it.:grinning:


What an awesome example. Thanks for sharing! It is definitely nice to have a way to communicate with your kids - especially as they get older and after school activities get cancelled or end early.


We wanted to take ours to the fair in town, but were worried about the Relays falling out of our pockets. My husband wears cargos, but for me the Relays have a hard time staying in my little woman pockets as is, so I was really worried.

We’ve taken them on walks, since the kids on bikes address always ahead of me. One of my kids takesit to his after-school playgroup, and we always have them at baseball games. Our two kids often have games that overlap on time, but are on fields close to each other. It’s a way that the parents can keep up with what’s happening at the other game.


I can understand what you mean about the pockets. It’s always difficult finding a place to keep my phone, keys, wallet, etc. at places like fairs and amusement parks, especially when they make you take off lanyards, purses, backpacks, etc. to ride rides.

I’d love to hear your thoughts as you brainstorm good solutions for ways to carry Relays. Our team is working hard to create useful accessories for both children and adults and we’d love to hear what you think would work best!


My daughters like to leave them in the room with me and try to scare me. They will take them outside and around the neighborhood and they can check in with the relay to let me know where they are. My 11 year old has not had a sleepover or been away with friends yet but when she does the relay will make me feel more comfortable. I have had the same problem a couple people have had with carrying the device. It just seems like girls clothes are rarely made with pockets. So many times they lay them somewhere and I could definitely see them getting lost. I had thought of some kind of a clip but maybe there is a better solution.


Great feedback! I definitely see what you mean about the Relays getting set down and easily lost. It seems like a clip is a popular answer when it comes to helpful accessories. I am glad that Relay has allowed you to feel more comfortable letting your girls roam around the neighborhood. I know that as a kid, I would have LOVED having a Relay to check in with my parents during a sleepover. I’m sure it would have made both of us feel much more comfortable knowing we were just a push of a button away. Thanks for sharing!


My kids love using the relays for fun inside the house. I took one on a business trip across the country and they have enjoyed pinging me while away.

We have also used to leave our younger daughter at home alone for brief periods.

We love giving it to our younger daughter when she has soccer practice just in case she needs us.

The use case is very obvious for kids pre-cell phone age. Less so once they reach cell phone age


We use ours to let our son roam the neighborhood. We still have limits, and he’s not running the entire neighborhood, but it’s given him more freedom.

It’s also been great in the house. I can send them upstairs and keep tabs on them when they’re getting ready without having to be right there or yell upstairs. My daughter is sick today, so it’s been nice to leave one with her so she can call us when she needs us instead of going up and down just to check on her or having her yell.

My kids are loving the echo channel. I don’t know how it keeps them so engaged, but when they’re hyper or cranky and we’re in the car, I’ll just be like “Play on echo for a while.” and the world is suddenly fine. I’m looking forward to having more channels for them to enjoy.

It’s also given us freedom to roam, not just our kids. We don’t have a land line, so we never wanted to leave our kids home alone. But now, my husband and I can take a walk or go talk to the neighbors and still be able to keep in touch with the kids if anything happens.