What is expected battery life?


What is expected battery life?

Charging/Battery Issues
Seeing inconsistent battery life along with inconsistent cell signal

You’re Relay should last 1-2 days before needing a charge. However, if you’re having coverage issues, it’s possible it will drain faster (similar to a cell phone). Connecting to WiFi when possible can help prevent this.


What are you all typically finding in terms of battery life? Ours are constantly dying throughout the day, turning off randomly, going offline, etc. Kids are super frustrated. I’ve heard, “It’s not working!!” soooo many times in the four days we’ve had these little guys. One was set on the charger overnight but was still dead this morning. When they work, it’s great! Would love to figure out how to manage these so they work consistently. We have done a reboot with no improvement.


Sometimes I’ve found the device can be (pretty easily) bumped off the charger, especially if they are sitting on a metal (or other magnet attracting) surface.


How does coverage on the Sprint network look in your area? One of the downsides of CDMA coverage is that in an area with a weak signal the transmit power is ratcheted up, greatly draining the battery of the device. Putting my relay in a metal desk drawer, where this is basically no signal inside, can drain the battery in a matter of a few hours whereas through normal usage we get better than a full day.


Wondering if anyone else is experiencing decreased battery life already? Mine seemed to be ok when we first got them, but now they are draining completely in a matter of hours. My son left our house for the neighbors today with a Relay showing 96% charged and three hours later it’s completely dead. I haven’t even talked with him once.

I submitted a ticket but am curious if this is isolated or widespread. We’re coming up on the end of our 90 day return window at the end of this month so I need to decide if we’re keeping these or not.


Any chance that the Relay would have been in a location with poor coverage (like a basement) while there?


Possibly but he said they were outside most of the time. And he locks it while it’s in his pocket, or he says it accidentally beeps me all the time.

I’d like them to last a whole day at least, so he can contact me after school if he needs to. If they perform like this, it’ll be dead by lunch. :confused:


This is happening to me, too.
I see the response about the signal strength being a contributor to all of this, but how do I know who’s signal we are using and if the signal is strong or not?


If you haven’t done anything with support to move your Relay to a different cell network, then you’re on Republic’s CDMA Partner (Sprint). Republic CDMA coverage map is here: https://republicwireless.com/tools/coverage-map-cdma/


@AMilne curious if you had been pulling the Relay units location much during that time frame?


I think it’s widespread. I have a ticket that’s been open since July 20th with zero follow-up. Love the concept but usability is basically nil so I’m in the same boat – likely will be returning these!


My Sprint coverage is very strong, so I am doubtful this is the cause of the minimal battery life. We’re talking a couple hours, max, before it’s completely drained.


hey @tamarac. What’s your ticket number? We’d like to look into this right away.


What’s worse is the lack of support. I even did the little phone call interview thing to bring up the battery life and was told that this would be addressed – but the ticket remains open, despite several follow-up messages from me to them.


I have no idea – I received an email from Bradley saying he was opening the ticket. I’ve replied several times to the email with no response. It’s sad that I have to come onto this open forum and openly share about the problem before you guys reply…


Okay, I was able to locate it. I’m going to escalate your ticket and get one of our technicians to take a look at your account ASAP- you can expect a response shortly.

You will get an email notification of the response once it’s sent. You can also see your tickets if you log into your account.


No, it had been in my home on wifi the entire time. I’ve been working with the help desk for a week now - it appears the battery in one of mine is shot because I can’t charge it or power it on anymore. They have had me disable LTE to try and improve battery life. Mine show a “Fair” cell signal no matter where I am, and I live in a major metropolitan area.

I’m quite certain I’ll be sending at least one, if not both of these back before my 90 day return window is up. They are just too buggy to be reliable right now. Maybe in the future when they get it figured out better, and get the promised features going - in the meantime, I’ll be looking at other options like Tinitell or the Verizon GizmoPal.


When I submitted a ticket (the very first day I had it ugh) about not being able to update, the response instructed me to turn off the 4G LTE for better connection. What will this do in terms of battery life?


Generally, Relays are activated with Republic’s CDMA network partner. The nature of CDMA technology is when the signal is weak, the device increases power to the radio in an attempt to hold the connection negatively impacting battery life in the process.

Theoretically, turning off 4G LTE will increase battery life because the radio is no longer using increased power to hold the weak 4G LTE cellular connection. Should that prove insufficient, you might inquire with staff via your ticket about the possibility of your Relay(s) being moved to GSM.