What is expected battery life?


Thanks for that tip, I’m going to ask about switching mine to GSM.


I’ve also experienced accelerated battery drainage in the last week. My Relay holds it’s charge for about 4 hours.

I live in Fort Collins, CO, where the Republic Wireless GSM and CDMA networks both purport to provide excellent coverage.

I keep my Relay on an open counter top near a window at work and at home (where it should be on WiFi anyway).

I submitted a help ticket to address this.


Hey Kevin, what is your ticket number? I’d like to make sure it gets in the right hands.


Hi, Andi,

My ticket number is 1456123.

Thanks for the responsiveness, I appreciate how proactive you all have been with the Relays.



An update on mine - turns out one had a bad battery or something and wouldn’t charge at all anymore. Republic replaced it quickly, credited me for service, extended my return window another two months and sent me one of the loop cases for free. Pretty happy with the customer service!


I agree with @AMilne; the Relay customer service is very good.

I’ve had my battery issue resolved: I needed to force an update to the Relay and manually disconnect the 4G LTE. The coverage is still okay with 3G, but not as good (obviously). The battery did in fact last longer (a lot longer; like, 14 hours).

Hopefully there will be a resolution soon that does not sacrifice coverage.