What kind of music can we get?



Will we be able to connect Pandora with it if we already have an account? Or, if not, what kind of music will be available on it?


My understanding from various reviews and podcasts music will be load your own versus the ability to stream. Seems RW may be working on a player to play your own tunes.


Given that streaming music would cost Republic money in the form of data I would put a 0% chance of streaming audio becoming available on the current plans.

Perhaps Republic will introduce premium channels you can pay for that would include something like this with an additional monthly charge.


Really? I hope you are wrong.


From a business perspective, every byte of data you use costs Republic money. To allow streaming music would mean that Republic would take a chance as to how much music you were going to stream and potentially losing money on you. That wouldn’t make much business sense.

Here’s what we do know: The Relay has onboard storage which could allow you to load music locally and then use it as a music player with your songs. This wouldn’t cost Republic money for you to listen to your music.

I would put nearly 100% likelihood on the idea that if there is a true streaming music feature, this would come with an extra cost. $7/mo isn’t enough to give away potentially huge quantities of data without losing money, quickly.


I wonder if it will support YouTube Red. It has the ability to download music for later use when away from data or wifi. In theory the phone app could link to the Red account to the Relay’s software app center (If it has one) and then one could play the downloaded files from there. I wonder if Google, who has a history of cross platform and joint development work, would create a program specifically for the Relay to run with. Great advertising for both companies in my opinion.


You’re going to have to sing for your supper. All RW said prior to limited release is music is in the planning stage, you’d likely make your own playlists and download to the Relay. The player RW chooses will likely determine file formats that can be listened to.


Video uses “huge quantities of data”, music not so much. I am not saying that Republic WILL provide for music streaming to the Relay, but I would not count it out as definitely as you do. In my years I have learned not to be so definite of things I can’t possibly be sure of.

Republic offers me data at $2.50 per GB, and I assume that they don’t lose money on that. Music streaming that would more than satisfy a child can be had at 64 Kbps. If I have done my conversion properly, 30 hours of music a month (an hour a day) could be had for 864 MB, less than a GB of data per month.


I’m assuming you’re on the teacher’s plan. I wouldn’t assume that Republic doesn’t lost money on you.


Businesses exist to make money. Losing money is a cardinal sin of business. Not making money is different than losing money. I think it is reasonable to assume that they don’t lose money on teacher’s plans, but they may not make much, if any at all.


You’d be surprised how much data a service like Pandora uses even at their lower rate. It’s many multiples more than surfing the net if staying away from videos and music. Easy to burn through GBs when streaming music several hours per day.

RW has stayed away from additional fees or add-ons to complicate the plans. If streaming is requested by enough users expect to pay extra for it. Chris Chuang in this podcast does suggest they are looking both preloaded playlists and streaming service. About 26:37 musics discussion begins.https://omny.fm/shows/mashtalk/how-to-re-invent-the-home-phone-with-guest-republi


Pandora free is 64kbps and Pandora paid streams are 192kbps. Jogging for an hour each day while listening to a paid stream would use about 2.6GB per month. Really not reasonable to expect for free.


Ugh, no semi-serious runner wishes to be thought of as a jogger:


Who said anything about serious?


I’ve done the math. What did I miss?

64Kbps = 8 KBps
8 KBps = 480 KBpm
480 KBpm = 28.8 MBphr
30 hours per month (1hr/day) = 864 MB per month. Less than a GB.


Yes, a 64kbps stream would be less that 1GB a month, if used one hour a day. A 192kpbs stream (the size of a Pandora stream on a paid Pandora account) would not.

Here’s the bottom line. Republic charges $7 for these devices/month. This has to cover what it costs to have your line active with the underlying carrier, the cost of supporting you, amortization of development costs, etc etc. There isn’t a lot of room in this number. What are the chances that a kid starts streaming music and walks away, forgetting its going and you end up with 10 hours of music streaming in one day? It’s all fine and good to look at 30 hours a month, but maybe I want to stream music for 3 hours a day because I have a 90 minute commute. Should Republic take this risk on your behalf? Should they complicate the overall plan structure by charging you if you exceed x hours of music usage? Neither of these seems like smart ideas.


How much memory does the Relay have for storing music?


I’m honestly not sure that’s been shared. Can’t remember seeing it mentioned.


I haven’t either. And I don’t see a micro-SD slot. Without knowing if the Relay even has enough memory to store music, I don’t think streaming can be written off as a method of providing music to the Relay. 192 Kbps is way overkill and unnecessary. 64Kps is doable. And if Republic is concerned about data usage, limits have been used in the past very effectively to limit usage.

Think positively! Be open to new possibilities! Think outside the box!


Honestly, as someone who’s not interested in streaming music on the device, I’m quite a bit more concerned about maintaining the cost structure, than offering another feature for free. If people want streaming music, I think they should pay for it, so the rest of us don’t have to.