What upcoming features are you looking forward to?


Many of you have been giving us great feedback since Relay launched- letting us know what features you like, what you don’t like, and what features you think would make Relay better.

:new: We’ve just announced what our teams have been working on for 2019 : :new:

  • Updated app design - New Relay app that will allow for easier communication and message history among groups and one-on-one chats.

  • SOS alerts - Ability to initiate SOS from a Relay device to the smartphone app, which will receive an SOS notification along with location updates of the Relay device in order to keep kids safe and sound.

  • Message history - Never miss a message again. Being able to view message history— as well as playback the audio from the message that you missed—is a game-changer for kids and parents alike.

  • One-on-one chats made easy- In the new Relay app, automatic setup makes it easier to talk to everyone on your account (without talking to everyone at once!)

  • App-Only Accounts - This will allow for trusted adults without a Relay to create an account and communicate with Relay users by receiving an invitation from the account owner. It’s perfect for grandparents, cousins, siblings, and co-parents to stay connected with their families.

  • Geofencing - Take your kid tracker game to the next level. With geofencing technology, you’ll know when your child is leaving or entering a specific location area by receiving smart alerts that you have set up—without checking your Relay app every minute.

What features are you most excited to see? What are some of their use cases for you and your family?

Location Sharing

I would like for the Relay to be more reliable. All of these new features aren’t doing me any good, when the Relay doesn’t work. We rarely use it anymore because my daughter often gets the message that it’s not connected to the Relay server. Or, it just won’t send messages for some reason and she doesn’t know why. Rebooting it usually fixes it, but she becomes frustrated and doesn’t remember to do that.


I hate to see you having trouble. Have you ever contacted support? They are available right inside the Relay app. We have lots of tools and options to help:

  • Support can see what is happening each time the Relay is unable to connect. They can see if the Relay was connected to bad WiFi, or poor cell signal. We typically do not look at that unless you contact support, but we can do it.
  • We have 3 of the 4 major carrier networks available to us to help you and will move you to another network, free of charge to maximize performance based on your needs.

I hate to see you suffer when we can usually help.


We did contact support in the beginning because we had trouble out of the box. We have not continued to do that. I will contact them the next time we have trouble.


We added more carriers since the last time you worked with us, added more support people, tools and updated the software to improve connectivity. Next time you have an issue, try it out. We can help.


I’m most looking forward to App-Only accounts. It’s tough to teach non-IT savvy users what they risk when they share accounts. When Relay moves away from shared accounts to separate App-Only accounts it will be easier to demonstrate their value. The risk profile for every family is different, but everyone can benefit from healthier security habits.


App only accounts are a must, and being a new user the message history is going to be great. The first thing we did when we got our relay was start connecting everyone and found out really fast that we had to have full accounts. Great for mom and dad, not so great for grandma and grandpa. It’s annoying to look at my phone and see that my child was trying to talk to me and i have no idea what that first message was.

Looking forward to improving.


I’m most excited about message history, it will be so much more organic to be able to send a quick message and know it will be there when needed.


Message history. No question.

Before this feature, the Relay was a purely synchronous device, and the Relay app nearly so. Synchronous means you have to use it in real time with both parties present. But synchronous communication is not a luxury that most of us can always have in our busy lives.

Most communication these days is done asynchronously. This means you don’t have to be present to receive the communicated message when it is sent. But you pick it up at some point in time later because you were busy doing something else, like off living your life, at the time.

People don’t often think of it this way, but nearly all modern communication is based on asynchronous signals and messages, from email, to text messages, to voice mail, to Facebook posts, to tweets, to the very posts in this forum, and on and on. In all of these, you aren’t getting the communication the instant it happens. And that’s alright. Asynchronous communication isn’t new either. It started with writing, and written letters were probably the first person-to-person asynchronous communication technology.

The best communication technologies work both synchronously and asynchronously. So it’s a great thing for the Relay to be getting this and to now enable either user to find out exactly what the other had to say when they tried and failed to make immediate contact. It’s never too late!


Looking forward to Message History, One-on-One chats made easy, and App-Only Accounts the most. He wants to chat with his older friends who have smartphones, already.