When do relay users get messages?


Hi! I’m wondering if it could work like this: The kid is staying with their other parent. The kid comes home from school, grabs their Relay, turns it on, and hears messages from the other parent. Is that possible? Or does the Relay just bark out messages when they are sent?


Currently the system is set up to deliver messages immediately, much like a walkie talkie. There has been some conversation on the boards about holding messages until a users presses a button to hear the message but that is not how the current system works.


So what happens to a message when an app user sends one, but the Relay person has their device off? Does it just disappear? This is the one sticking point for me.


They would not hear a beep signifying that they did not hear the message. Keep in mind it is live audio not recorded messages that are stored and sent.

If the message plays on the other end you will hear a beep feedback tone.


@sarahweeks—it’s great to hear your feedback. We are currently working on a channel for chat message history (essentially a place to store missed messages) and hoping to have that feature ready in a few months!


At the moment you only get “live” messages. If the relay(s) you’re trying to contact aren’t online, you’ll get an audio message telling you that no one else on that channel is online.