Wi-Fi disconnect or setting to forget all


Ive had this issue a few times and I think it happens when you would have to check that little box saying you agree to terms when you connect to Wi-Fi. So I try to connect to my kids school it makes it seem like it didn’t work it won’t show any networks but it is clearly trying because it disables cell coverage and now says it is offline. Problem is I cant find that sweet spot around the school where you switch back to cell coverage and still show the Wi-Fi option to forget it. I had this happen at target too. Is there a way to remotely forget all previous wifis to start fresh? Big goal was for my kids to reach me at school but instead it just says they are offline. I know cell coverage is great because I only had problems when I tried to change them to Wi-Fi in hopes of saving the battery


We went on a walk and managed to find the sweet spot to turn it off. Once I turned it off it said I had the wrong password but downside is I couldn’t fix it when I tried to set it up because it went offline.


Hi @Teachkindrz, we are going to have someone from our support team reach out to you and help get this issue resolved. Sorry you’ve gotten stuck in this state! I’m sure we’ll get you straightened out.