Will calling 911 be a future feature?


This is one feature I think would be really important for us. We are purchasing a relay as an alternative to a cell phone for an 11 year old that will be taking a bus next year and I don’t want her to have to reach me first to call if she is ever in a situation she would need it. Thank you!


I can’t imagine this will ever be added. Providing 911 service comes with a whole giant series of regulatory requirements and costs. Republic seems to be working very hard to make sure this isn’t classified as the type of regulated telecommunications device that would then require it to meet a whole series of different requirements and be subject to those related taxes.


Thank you. Shoot might not be the right fit for us then.


Let me be clear, I’m just a customer speculating.


With the limited buttons, unless it was a voice command, it might be difficult and create more challenges given the target is kids. I can imagine it being a mistake with my 5 year old. I do like and have shown all my kids how to notify me they need to talk to me.


I was considering a Relay for the very same reason—a bus trip— but MY main concern is not being able to see my son as he travels along his route in real time on an actual map. I have seen this sort of thing between smartphones but from descriptions of the feature here is sounds like GPS/location feature does not have a road map per se. It sounds like you need to “request location” and then it will give you the location at that time but will not follow in real fime. I am a teacher and will be working—was hoping I could glance over to check that things were going as planned. The lack of 911 doesn’t bother me that much. I think the greatest dangers he faces by taking the bus are a) missing his stop—in which case alerting 911 would not be appropriate or b) being hit by a vehicle (in which case his own ability to call 911 probably would be irrelevant). As an alternative to 911 I would definitely like to see them add an alert siren in the unlikely event that someone should try to grab him. In the meantime we will be buying a separate alert siren device for this purpose.